Lágrimas Rojas


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Lagrimas Rojas (Red Tears) is a compelling documentary where the declarations of this and many other victims of the Nazi brutality in the concentration camps depict the evil side of human nature. It is also a homage to the deported Catalans and Spaniards, who after the ordeal of the Spanish civil war, had to undergo the horrors of Mathausen, Auschwitz, etc. Their spouses,children and the few ones that finally survived describe to us their terrible suffering from the very same places where it all happened: Mauthausen,Gusen,Ebensee the Haerthaim Castle,places where the Nazis carried out deadly experiments on their captives . Interviews with historians,experts and politicians including the prime minister of Spain Mr. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and the new perspectives to the subject. Shot in Catalonia (Spain), France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany , "Red Tears" provides a clear image of the events that took place over 60 years ago described by the same people who witnessed and suffered them, with the purpose of reminding us all that we have to make sure that it never,ever happens again.

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